Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breaking News!!

Okay, not quite. But I noticed something recently.

Remember how I said, "The knife guy (as Josiah and I have dubbed him) was very friendly and happy, the type that doesn't really belong in Walmart, because they are too smiley. (I bet you didn't know that they have a rule that only the smiley stickers are allowed to smile.) (Okay, so that's not true. But it seems like it at times.)" (for those who are completely lost, go here. :))

So, we were at Walmart. And I was looking around.




There are no more smiley faces in Walmart!! They got rid of them. :( Walmart dislikes smileys more than I thought, apparently. So, next time you go, be sure to smile real big, to make up for the lack of smileys. :D

Seriously, Walmart can really be grumpy. One time, our whole family was at the other Walmart (Not ours.) (We own a Walmart, don't ya know.) and we were having a grand time, laughing and smiling and pretending weird things. (Papa told us to try to act normal. Isn't that weird? And then he started walking funny and looking from side to side. :)) So anyway, we were having a good time. And everyone was looking at us really weird. Like, how dare you have fun in here? Haha.

Wow... that was really random. I'm tired, that's what. (to quote Rachel Lynde.)


  1. Yes.. they've done away with the smiles! How tragic! I remember that my favorite part of going to Walmart was the old lady at the door giving me a smiley face sticker.

    One time I was doing a scavenger hunt for a birthday party & we ended up in Walmart.. people took us WAY to seriously.

  2. I know!! It's really too bad. :( I used to like those, too.

    Haha, I've never done that, but I've heard a few stories. :)

  3. Wow,you really are tired! But I enjoyed your funny story. I can't believe the smiles are gone! We rarely shop at Walmart, so I didn't notice. Of course your family owns your own Walmart.:) Is it the one in Port Charlotte? Or maybe they've built another one since we lived down there. It's exhausting trying to keep up with the times these days! Well, I must go and do the dishes and start lunch, etc., etc. See ya later!

  4. The Port Charlotte one is the other one... ours is the North Port one. Yep, we have a Walmart. :D Isn't that exciting? haha.

    Good girl, doing the dishes and making lunch!

    Yes, see you later! (I hope!!)

  5. We don't have Walmart in New Zealand, but any shop that has, or did have, smiley faces in their shop sounds kind of awesome. :)