Wednesday, November 25, 2009

7 Random Things About Us

This is something from Joyfully Home that I decided to do...

1. We watched the movie Up last night at our church with a few other people.

2. On the way there, we (the five oldest children) quoted a bunch of short, silly poems in a row, sang several songs, including, "The Sea of Galilee", "The Fox" and "Bye, Bye Okeechobee"

3. Three of my younger siblings made up the last song. It is more like a chant type deal, since we basically say the same thing over and over....

4. This song came about while we were driving past Lake Okeechobee. Which really is huge. Though, you cannot actually see it while driving around it. It's sad. :( You can only see the banks of it. (They are very high.)

5. My siblings also made up another song. It is called, "Sister help me". They made it up while doing Math. Yet another reason why we wouldn't make it in public school. We make up strange songs during class... :)

6. Why else wouldn't it work? Well, because we talk to each other and laugh too much.

7. No, we're not afraid of getting made fun of. We are odd in the sense that we are extremely hard to insult. I mean, people have tried. But we just kind of smile and say "hi" or "Oh thank you!!" or "I never knew that" or something of the sort.. :) And then go home and laugh about it. I kind of feel bad for them... they took the time and energy to try to get us mad, but it won't work.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I've done it again!

Started a blog, that is. Yes, I decided to make the one I talked about in the last post. :) Here's the link for those interested: Quotes, Poems and Such Like.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have a strange attraction... journals. I like looking at them, buying them, writing in them. I have...let me at present-- and at least two that have been retired. I have a nature journal, a journal about life in general, one about my goals, one about the Bible, a journal about manhood, (if you wish to know what that is about, read the book "Authentic Beauty") a journal for stories and testimonies, and a prayer journal.

We went to the bookstore last night, and I looked at some of the journals there. They had some neat small ones with pretty designs on them and words like "Rejoice" "Hope" and things like that. They also had some that looked like leather and had words (one had the first part of amazing grace on it) imprinted on them. If I had more money, I buy a journal. :) (I had another idea for a journal recently... one of quotes and verses and poems that I liked. Perhaps I could start a blog for that. Hmm...)

So, why journal? What is the point? Well, first of all, it's fun. And good practice for writing. Also, it will help you remember all those stories and feelings and events so you can tell your children and grandchildren about them. Also, should you ever become famous, then people will get your journals when you die and they will be published. :P Seriously, look what happened to Anne Frank's journals.

Jim Rohn says that there are a few things that you should leave behind when you depart from this earth, and one of them is your journals. So, if you don't already, start journaling! (No matter what the spell check says, "journaling" is a word! At least, if it isn't, it ought to be one.)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I've been thinking about sinning...

Hmm... interesting title, eh?

Well, a few days ago, I was riding home with my papa. And he was talking to me about something that he had been learning and that excited him. It was rather funny the way he opened the topic.

"I've been thinking about sinning..."

*Slight pause*

"No. Wait. That doesn't sound right." :)

Anyway, the jist of it was that he had been thinking about when he went to work in Pennsylvania. It was pretty close to our house, but he normally took the car. Occasionally, though, he would ride his bike. When he did that, he noticed so much more alongside the road. Things he didn't see when he was driving. And it was easier to get distracted. Every once in awhile, he would walk to work. When he walked, he noticed even more. He noticed the gopher tortoise holes, the interesting "weeds", the birds, and so on. Sometimes he would go off the path a bit, to get a closer look. The slower he went toward his destination, the more likely he would be to get distracted.

How, you ask, does this relate to sinning? Well, first, in life we need to have a clear destination or goal. Secondly, we need to move as quickly as possible towards that goal. The slower we go, the more prone we are to sin. "Idle hand are the devil's workshop".

Make sense? Hope so. If not, ask and I'll try to clarify. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Randomness... I think

Well, I have been working on the rebelution some... but I have some time now so I thought I'd do a quick post. About... my life.

Lately I have been doing lots of dishes. I am liking them more now. I kind of automatically do them. I walked over to the counter near the dishes, attempting to get...something, and I found out that I was starting to put the dishes away. Yes, I am somewhat absent minded at times. :D

I have also been reading a ton... of fantasy. It is strange. I don't normally read much fantasy. I read all of Lord of the Rings, another large fantasy book called, "Eye of the Oracle" and now I am reading the Chronicles of Narnia (again). Does it shock any one that I read over 500 pages in one day? Probably not. I don't know. It's fairly normal at our house, at any rate.

Now I am getting the urge to read all of the Anne of Green Gables books again. I think I shall read at least "Anne's House of Dreams" to make up for watching a movie that was supposed to be about the last books in the Anne series, but didn't have anything to do with the books. Practically the only thing that was in the books was that Anne married Gilbert. I'm grateful they didn't marry her to someone else. It's not that far fetched to think that they would do that. I mean, they totally, completely changed the story!! (As you can see, I don't do very good when people do that.)

We had a very odd conversation about that movie when we were discussing it afterwards. Very strange. A few lessons we got out of it were: 1) you should always be aware that someone may be following you. (at which point we all started creeping each other out. Josiah was saying, "Look, there's a crack in the blinds"(hinting that someone may be looking in at us) and Hannah was hinting about a spooky story that someone told us about a prowler looking in windows. At which point, mama said, "Let's stop talking about this" :D) 2) That Kegan guy was some kind of spy (papa kept asking if he was a German spy or what) 3) Always stay loyal even when you don't have any apparent reason to be. For instance, if it seems that your husband has been killed in battle but it's not confirmed, don't go being disloyal.

Okay, so the first two weren't exactly lessons. But they were part of our discussion. There was more, and it was even stranger. I think we were all a bit tired.

And I have been going outside often. It's been nice out--breezy and cooler. (for FL) I've climbed our tree a few times. Does that shock any one? I suppose it depends on how well you know me.

Speaking of going outside... one of the weirder things I have done this week is lay on the grass in the front yard in the dark with my head on the curbing around my flower garden next to Cheryl, Josiah and Emily. Don't ask why we were doing that. I don't really know.

I have been doing biology, too. It's very fascinating. It has answered so many questions I didn't even consciously realize I had. I am so baffled that people can study God's creation and know about the amazing complexity of it all--and still believe it happened by chance!! I know they just don't want to be accountable to God... but still! It is really so amazing how it all works together. It seems insane to believe it could have happened by chance!

Well, there's a few things that were in my mind. Which is very tired at the moment. So please keep that in mind as you read. :D