Monday, August 30, 2010

Questions, Idols, and Flirting

Recently, I read a blog post about flirting. It was basically a girl sharing her experiences and her thoughts on the subject, which, of course, led me to start thinking about it also.

Having those thoughts in the back of my mind, I was reading a book called "Wild at Heart: Discovering the secret of a man's soul." So, yes, I was reading a book written for men. But it does say something about "and he invites women to discover the secret of a man's soul and to delight in the strength and wildness men were created to offer" on the back... :D

Anyway, it was talking about the big questions that we have. Men ask things like, "Do I have what it takes?" "Am I strong enough?" And women ask things like, "Am I beautiful?" "Am I worth fighting for?"

Suddenly, I put these two things together: The reason why we girls flirt is because when we get a guy to pay attention to us in that way, we feel beautiful and wanted. We are looking to them to answer our big questions... which is NOT a good idea.

I then started reading a book called "Equipped to Love", and it explained that when we look to anyone (or anything) to satisfy our needs, we are putting them in the place of God. Also known as idolizing them. Yikes!!

As you all have probably heard over and over, God is the only one who can truly satisfy our needs.

Really. Your parents can't do it, your friends can't do it, your siblings can't do it, books can't, the internet can't, boys can't, girls can't... And when you look to them to answer those questions, you'll be disappointed, hurt... and sinning.

Oh, how I need to really grasp and live this! Lord, give me grace!


  1. Very good post Carissa. Thanks. :)

    Was it a good book?

  2. You're welcome.

    Um, which one? haha. Yes, they were/are both good books. :)

  3. Excellent post, Carissa!

    So many times, we expect a man (or woman for the guys)to fulfill our emotional needs. But we must realize that it is fickle to expect those things that only the Lord can supply from another human being.

    How we all desperately need the Lord's grace for this area, married or single alike!

  4. Janie: Thank you, and you're welcome! I'm glad you read it, since it was your post that got me thinking. :)

    Rebeka: Thank you. Yes indeed! It's sad how we can realize these things but not actually... live them.