Monday, April 30, 2012


I must know, my heart demands.
How long, oh how long?
How long must I live in this fog?
How long until I see your plan?

Wait, He replies. Wait on me.
It is enough
He whispers
My impatient heart
Enough that I know

I want to defend, my heart screams.
Will things ever be set right?
Will they ever see the other side?
Why don’t you show them now?

Wait, He replies. Wait on me.
I am your defender.
He whispers
My misunderstood heart.
Leave it with me.

My dreams are dying, my heart cries.
Why must they die?
Will they ever be resurrected?
Were they not given me by You?

Wait, He replies. Wait on me.
I have a plan,
He whispers
My longing heart.
And it is good. 

(This is a poem I wrote today and posted here. There are other poems, quotes, and so forth there as well... some by me, most not.)

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