Saturday, April 7, 2012


I was thinking, when I woke up... about how "today" was the "hopeless" day... Jesus was dead. In the tomb. No life, no hope... imagine being them.

We know the end of the story. We know that "tomorrow" He rises again. We've heard it a million times. But I think we forget... how dark it looked this day. How it seemed like it was all over, like this was the worst thing that ever happened... I think we forget that people don't normally... rise again. :D

So... this day I am remembering how dark it looked--right in the middle of it all. He was dead... died yesterday. And He still hadn't come out of that tomb. And I am remembering... that light did come. Glorious light... The Light. The Light that never goes out... the Light that is shining even on our darkest nights. And I am remembering...That... God knew what He was doing, all along. That no matter how insane it looked, how wrong it was... He had a plan, and He was working it out. And it was a good plan, because He is good.

I mean... what if He saved Himself? What if Jesus... didn't die that day? What if, instead, He fulfilled the selfish and short-sighted desires of their hearts? What if He came down off the cross and defeated the Romans? Oh, they would have cheered... they would have gladly proclaimed Him King... they would have followed Him. Followed temporary freedom. From their immediate problem... the one right in front of them.

But they had a bigger problem... an eternal one. And He knew it. And He knew that not only did they have this problem--this problem that had no solution--but there were billions more who would come after them with the same problem.

And He knew... He knew He had to do it. He knew it was the way His father wanted to be glorified. Oh, they would have glorified Him if He had defeated the Romans... but it would have been so temporary. And what of us? Where would we be, if He had only saved them from their temporary and pressing problem?

Oh... He knew, alright. * smiles *

And He... still knows. He knows what WE need. He knows how to glorify Himself in our lives.

Aren't you glad for a God who knows? A God who sees the whole picture? A God who... cares enough to put us on the hard path?


  1. So glad to see another post up here! Thank you tons, Carissa. A very meaningful insight.

  2. You're welcome. :) Thank you for the comment!