Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is it Wrong?

Dear _____,

You said, "Is it wrong to want those high school memories..." I think I understand what you mean. But I want to encourage you to think about that a little more.

Is that really want you want? Do you really want those quick flashes of temporary pleasure... that may cause pain later on? Do you want to just do what is "Okay" or "not as bad as everyone else"? Do you want to simply go through life avoiding "bad things"?

Or do you want something completely different?

What if, instead of simply avoiding bad things, we lived a life sold-out for Christ? What if we longed for Him more than any other? What if our question was, "How can I best serve and glorify and love Christ?"

After all, can you think of anyone more deserving of our life, our all? He, the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth, the One Who was and Who is and Who is to come, the All-Powerful God of the universe, Who died a cruel and painful death --for us? For you! Who else has done that for you? Who else has laid down His very life for yours?

Read that again. Think about it. It should astonish you, overwhelm you, bring you great joy.

He did that for me? Me, who is a wretched sinner deserving of death? Amazing!

What if, instead of seeking those temporary pleasures here and now, we waited for God's timing and way? Oh, I know it is hard. It is very hard. I am only 19... but I know what it has been like for me thus far. I know the longing we have for that kind attention and for those sweet moments. I know the loneliness, the wondering if he [or she] will ever come, the dreaming and sighing. I know how it feels.

But I also know that God is faithful. He is always there, ready to comfort and help us. Oh, girls[and guys], I hope and pray that you will seek Him above all else! Only He will truly satisfy. Only He can fill that longing void in our hearts. When all else fails, He remains.

Imagine the joy and the long-term pleasure of knowing that you have saved everything for your husband [or wife]. Those little "firsts" that are so special... all for him [or her]! Can you imagine how amazing that would be?

Please, please, seriously consider what I have said. Think long and hard. The course of your life could be at stake!

For His glory and abiding in His love,


(This is a reply I wrote in the Rebelution... it sounded a bit like a blog post to me, so I am posting it here for y'all)


  1. Carissa,

    I wish more of the teens in Ireland could hear that. It is so true, so powerful, and so ignored. Christ does indeed offer more than any 'socialization' could.

    Just a word of encouragement!

    With joy and peace in Christ,
    Jay Lauser

  2. Jay,

    I wish everyone could get that. Including me.

    That is true!

    And I didn't really write it... that was God. I don't normally post like that. :)


    For His glory,