Saturday, October 3, 2009

10 Random Things About Me

1. When I lived in Colorado, there was this strange little boy that always said he wanted to marry me... I was like, "You are crazy. Go away." Or at least that is what I remember thinking. :)

2. The first color I learned was green. And my parents found out I knew it when I was pointing out all the green books in the store. Turns out I still like green and books 17 years later!

3. When I was twoish, I dropped spoons down the cracks in our porch in Pennsylvania for fun

4. I have lived through a minor earthquake, several tropical storms, a few hurricanes and a couple tornadoes (or at least tornado warnings)

5. I had a kid goat named Daisy when I was about 3 (maybe that is where Duchess Daisy really came from??)

6. I wrote and illustrated my first "book" at age seven (okay, so it was only like 10 pages long... but still)

7. I detest cockroaches, but do not scream about them, even when they happen to get on me. Though I must admit I feel like it.

8. I "jump" when I am startled... even when I am not really scared. It's very sad.

9. I really like colored pens. And I use them up quickly. I especially like green and orange pens.

10. I like painting... not pictures, but walls and doors. In fact, I am going to paint my parent's bathroom today. :)

And no, this is not a tag... I just felt like doing it. :)


  1. You sound mischievous! And #8 is true of my Mama too... it is so much fun to exploit! :)

  2. I suppose I can be at times... Though there are plenty of people that would be surprised at that word being used to describe me. Most people that I know at church, etc... think I am such a nice girl. I don't know where they get these ideas... :)

    And please be nice to her. Even in your teasing her. :)