Thursday, October 22, 2009

True Nobility

By Edgar Guest

Who does his task from day to day
And meets whatever comes his way
Believing God has willed it so
Has found real greatness here below.

Who guards his post, no matter where
Believing God must need him there,
Although but lowly toil it be,
Has risen to nobility.

For great and low there's but one test:
'Tis that each man shall do his best.
Who works with all the strength he can,
Shall never die in debt to man.

We are learning this poem as a family, so I thought I'd share it with you all

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  1. I suppose the reason you told me that you posted here (despite the fact that I would have found out anyways) was that you wanted me to comment, right? Alright, I will, just as long as you comment on my, rather similar, post on my blog. ;)

    That is a really good poem. Okay, I guess you wanted more than that, so fine.

    I see a resemblance between the last verse and my article on the Goldilocks Fallacy. It is not a line, a set of rules that is the focus: it is a direction, a heart inclined to God that makes the difference. That is the nature of grace and mercy.

    Talk to you later,
    With joy and peace in Christ,
    Jay Lauser