Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughts on the Young Lady's Role.... church and in society.

Lately, I've been pondering something rather interesting. If college were not an option, and young ladies were at home, what would be their role in the church? In other words, what would position would they play traditionally?

I had a few ideas about this...

One, that they would be helping their parents with little ones and housework and so on.

Two, that they'd be helping young mothers in the church, both during the services (like in nursery) and at other times during the week. This is actually something that is really lacking in our culture... My mother was blessed to live where there were young ladies willing to help her out after she had us older children. One of the young ladies told mama that she had kind of felt like, why does she need so much help? Until after she had children of her own. Then she understood. :)

Anyway, in our church there are many young mothers, and I'm sure they would all appreciate a young lady coming to help them... unfortunately, while I have been able to help some mothers, (like the one whose house I went to nearly daily for around a month) I can't help all of them as well as I'd like. And... sadly, most of the other young ladies are busy with college and their jobs and so forth. So there is definitely a lack of help in that area.

Three, I thought they'd be teaching younger girls what they've learned. (like Bright lights)

And, four, learning from the older women in the church.

Well, those are some of my thoughts... what do you all think? Any more things to add? Take away?


  1. I agree with you Carissa. One family I really admire is the Duggars. They have 19 children (no, that's not a typo), and they are raising their daughters to fulfill the traditional role of a woman. As you pointed out, that's something that is really lacking in our culture and I think it's great that there are still some women who want to fulfill that role.

    By the way, you can check out the duggar website at

  2. I agree with all those. I would add helping their parents and family in family enterprises (business, ministry, etc.). That is kind of number one, but it is good to point that out.

  3. Dakota: Good, I'm glad you agree. :) Ah yes, the Duggars. :) That's about the only TV show we keep up with. haha. (We watch it at our grandma's house) They are doing a great job showing the world what a strong Christian family should be like!

    Jay: Of course. :) Yes, that is good to point out... I was thinking of that at one point but it didn't end up getting written in. I was having an awful lot of trouble getting this posted. :( Thanks for bringing it up!

  4. That was good, Carissa! "D

    I agree with what you said about women's role in church. I don't believe women should be in any position to give instruction to men. It's rather demeaning to the men, as well as just plain unbiblical.

    Something I might add is the role a pastor's wife should play in the church. I believe she should be more involved behind-the-scenes, be in a position to instruct the women of the church and be an example to them, and support her husband and give him godly counsel when he asks her for it. :) Our pastor's wife has been a wonderful role-model of this for nearly thirty years. She's amazing! :D

  5. Hehe, thanks dear! "D

    I'm so glad you commented... I was hoping a female would. haha.

    I agree with your thoughts as well...

    Thank you for adding those things!

    Our pastor's wife is amazing too. :D

  6. Those are really good thoughts Carissa. Don't forget helping the older mothers too. They have so much to share that doesn't always get shared. There is a lot of wisdom being wasted in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and empty lonely houses. And in a very real way you are also helping the younger mothers by taking some of their load of caring for older parents.

    With joy and peace in Christ,
    Mrs. Mama Lauser

  7. Yay! You commented on this blog! :)

    Thank you! Oh yes, that is a good addition! Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad everyone has added to my thoughts like this!

    Have a blessed day!

    In Christ Alone,