Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now that I'm Twenty...

... I have been looking back on my teen years. Mostly I like what I see, but I think--well, know--that I could have used them even better, and so I want to encourage other young people to do even more than I have done. I think the most important and helpful things that I have done with my teen years were developing useful skills (such as childcare, cleaning, sewing, and so on), reading life-changing (not fluff) books, growing closer to God, learning how to communicate well, developing good habits, (keeping my areas tidy, etc...) making a list of goals and things I wanted to learn and then doing them, starting and leading a Bright Lights group, and making and using the notebook that I blogged about here.

Things I would do differently... I would use time more wisely. I spent a lot of time sort of wandering around or reading books that didn't really count for much, instead of helping out or reading good books or playing with my siblings or things of that sort. I would spend more time praying and reading my Bible. I would be more respectful to my parents and more helpful and kind to my siblings. :) Things like that.

"Little things have big results sometimes." Willie Without, Margaret Moore

To say something you (hopefully) already know again... God's ways definitely work. And the world's are very painful and don't work. Fairly simple...My cousins have been kind enough to demonstrate this very plainly to us. *sad smile* Even though it sometimes seems like it's harder to follow God's ways, in the long run, they are "easier".

I would encourage those who are still in their teens to use these years to the fullest for the glory of God... they are a blessing and an exciting time if used rightly! :D

Do Hard Things!


  1. Very well put Carissa! Bravo! :) Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  2. Thanks, Allison! I'm glad it was encouraging. :)

  3. Echos Allisons words. If you don't mind my asking, are you really twenty?

  4. I'm glad you also found it helpful. :)

    Haha, yes, I really am twenty. Apparently. I'm still getting used to it... why do you ask?

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hehe. I don't know.... I guess when I saw your first posts on WIFD, I always amagined you younger.

  6. Ah, I see. People almost always think I'm much younger... sometimes people guess that I'm 15. :) I don't really mind; it's kind of funny. :)