Wednesday, September 8, 2010

As You Can See...

...Dishes and I go way back. :D

I enjoyed them greatly when I first started (as you have probably guessed from the grin...) but, as the years went on, somehow (maybe it was the fact that I wasn't allowed to get so wet anymore? Or maybe it was that we had a few [well, 5] more children... [and thus, lots more dishes... strange how that happens] Or maybe I was corrupted by a public schooler... [hehe]) I grew to dislike them. Strongly. As in, avoid them at all costs. I'll do anything but the dishes.

Slowly, I disliked them less and less... I would do them, at least, but not very faithfully. I would put them off as long as possible (which, by the way, is incredibly dumb, for two [well more than two, but I'll only do two here] reasons: one, as you put it off, everything dries more and more and gets harder to wash off, and, two, the dishes accumulate. Big time, when there are nine people adding to the pile...) and sometimes grumble about it. (Dreadful, I know.)

And then.

Then, I had an interesting discussion about dishes with a friend of mine, in which I was persuaded to look at them differently and at least try to enjoy them. Also, my sister Hannah hurt her knee really badly right around that time, and she was unable to stand. Which, naturally, meant she couldn't do dishes. (One good thing about hurting your knee, that.) And, of course, meant that I did do them. I'll have you know that I volunteered myself. Wasn't that good of me? ha ha...

So anyway, I became a dishwashing addict. Of sorts. I have been washing dishes for about a year now, both at our home and at other people's. For example, I did them at the Marini's and Wimer's, the families that hosted us on our trip. They were very thankful, especially the Marinis. I must admit it is rather nice to be appreciated so much for doing something you enjoy. hehe. :D

One time after Anthony told me thank you (again), I started explaining that I actually decided to like doing dishes. He was rather shocked. Kind of funny. :) I'm not sure if he ever thought of liking them before... Most people don't, methinks. (Hence this post, kind of.)

I enjoy dishes for a few reasons. One, they are one of those necessary things that, sooner or later, you will have to do, and, so, according to my logic, you might as well like 'em!! Two, I've been doing them soooo long that I can do them automatically... I have all that time to just think and pray. Three, dirty dishes equals full bellies! :D Four, it's an opportunity to serve my family. (and others.)

So, what about you? Do you enjoy doing dishes? (And other, similarly "mundane" tasks?) If you do, why? And what made you like them? If you don't, why? And has this post made you think about changing your mind at all? And do you think I should do a post about how to make cutting up veggies fun? 'Cause I am good at that...


  1. Finally! A new blog design! The other one was so depressing...

    Yes, I do like dishes. I like them since my mom and I would always sing together when we did them and I guess that made the time go faster. We don't sing anymore though. We talk. :)

    No, you shouldn't. You'd be taking pride in your domesticity and that's called being vain. So there. ;-)

  2. I know! Isn't it exciting? Oh wait... depressing?? No it wasn't either. My siblings say they liked it. Josiah says it was awesome. So there.

    Oh goody! I will add you to the list of Rebs who like dishes. It's pretty long, ya know. Yes, I like talking and singing while doing dishes... I usually do 'em myself now, though, so I don't get much chance. :( But sometimes my siblings stand around and talk to me, so that's nice.

    Oh. Okay. I guess I won't then. Wouldn't want to be labeled as vain by my own daughter. Must set a good example, since you yourself struggle with vanity.

  3. The old one was too awesome. But so is this one, so that is fine. :D

    Of course you know that I like doing dishes (considering I was the person in your post). I like hearing about your change. It is fun. :D

    Oh yes, please do. Because I am also good at that, and love doing it. :D Hehehe...

  4. Thank you. At least you and Josiah are nice when I need you to be nice. :D

    Right. Of course. haha, I knew you would...

    Ha, of course. :D Now I want to hear your methods... One vote no, one vote yes. Any more votes?

    Bytheway, I knew you were going to say everything you said. Practically. :D

  5. Can I vote twice? :D

    You already know one of my methods. I have a few more up my sleeve though. :)

    Of course you did. We are predictable. :)

  6. Well, I would say sure, go ahead, but, knowing Rebeka, she will then vote twice too (at least twice) and then... then we'll just go in circles. Maybe she'll change her mind... or maybe more people will comment and vote yes. :D

    Yup I do, but I haven't done it yet. Isn't that sad? Right, I expected as much from you.

    Yep we are. haha.

  7. It was too depressing. The books looked dead, certainly not ones that would make the imagination travel to exotic places in the world or provoke deep thoughts in the mind. And they looked moth-eaten... how grotesque.

    Well, for once you surrendered your pride decided to set an example for the younger generation. And to address you and Jay together, I vote "No" for infinity. So there. No, I will NOT change my mind. Hmph.

  8. It was not!! I like old looking books. They are mysterious and exciting and just... neat looking. And how would you know what moth eaten books look like??

    Rebeka, you are dreadfully stubborn. Perhaps that'll be our next lesson after we get done with vanity. :D

  9. Carissa, do I look like someone who would not know what moth eaten books look like??? I am a young adult and I most definitely know what moth eaten books look like. You don't probably... poor little ignorant rich girl.

    Thank you. You are too.

  10. Yes, you do, actually. Poor people don't even have books. So I don't think you'd have the remotest clue about it. :P

    You're welcome. Goodness, we have a lot to work on. I'm so sorry I passed all that on to you. *sniff*

  11. Being poor, I most definitely do know what a moth eaten book looks like. You, being a spoiled rich person who flaunts herself around, wouldn't. Rich people have nice books with velvet covers on them. And they throw them away once they have the slightest taint on the pages or covers. So there.

    Sorry, but before you can teach me, you teach yourself. Take your own medicine.

  12. This is funny Carissa.

    I didn't like to wash dishes or at the least they were pretty low on my list of stuff to get done. Then these strange things stated to happen...people would come over unexpectedly and see my dirty kitchen with the stacks and stacks of dirty dishes. (I could tell you 'horror' stories of my stacks and stacks of dirty dishes.) I decided to like to wash dishes and wow, what a difference it made! I liked the quiet of washing dishes, the clean kitchen afterwards, etc.

    Now Jay (who hated to wash dishes at one time) has encouraged you and you both like to wash dishes! Thankfully you two have learned it earlier than I did. :)

    I personally would like to hear about the veggie cutting tips. If all of us didn't share what we learned for fear of appearing vain nothing would get taught! :) I do caution against grandiose expressions of self praise in the teaching of something you know about. God does allow us to be humbled in some of the most embarrassing ways. ;)

    God Bless,
    Mrs. Mama Lauser

    PS I love the Fall leaves! And I liked the old books you had before.

  13. I like the new blog design.

    I like doing dishes.

  14. Rebeka: Oh really. Do you even have books for the moths to eat?? Well maybe some rich people do that, but not me. So there.

    Okay. I will try. I guess. If you insist.

    Mrs. Mama Lauser: haha, that is funny! :) Yeah... we know about stacks of dirty dishes. haha... probably too well. ;) It's amazing how fast they stack up with a big family! Yes, it was nice of Jay to influence me to like dishes. My life is happier now. :D

    Oh good! Now I have two votes yes! :D They aren't anything very complicated (I am much simpler than Jay about things...) but I do have my little ways of making it fun. :) Yes... He does have a way of doing that. ;)

    Thank you! I like them too: now I can have my own little Autumn right here... which is nice since we don't really have fall colors in Florida. :(

    Haha, see there, Rebeka? Now it is four against one! :D

    Andrea: Thank you.

    Thank you.

    Anything else you like?