Wednesday, November 25, 2009

7 Random Things About Us

This is something from Joyfully Home that I decided to do...

1. We watched the movie Up last night at our church with a few other people.

2. On the way there, we (the five oldest children) quoted a bunch of short, silly poems in a row, sang several songs, including, "The Sea of Galilee", "The Fox" and "Bye, Bye Okeechobee"

3. Three of my younger siblings made up the last song. It is more like a chant type deal, since we basically say the same thing over and over....

4. This song came about while we were driving past Lake Okeechobee. Which really is huge. Though, you cannot actually see it while driving around it. It's sad. :( You can only see the banks of it. (They are very high.)

5. My siblings also made up another song. It is called, "Sister help me". They made it up while doing Math. Yet another reason why we wouldn't make it in public school. We make up strange songs during class... :)

6. Why else wouldn't it work? Well, because we talk to each other and laugh too much.

7. No, we're not afraid of getting made fun of. We are odd in the sense that we are extremely hard to insult. I mean, people have tried. But we just kind of smile and say "hi" or "Oh thank you!!" or "I never knew that" or something of the sort.. :) And then go home and laugh about it. I kind of feel bad for them... they took the time and energy to try to get us mad, but it won't work.


  1. Why would anyone want to make your family mad??? You are all so amusing!

    My brother doesn't make up funny songs, so the burden of song-invention falls upon my shoulders alone. And since I'm the only one that enjoys my songs, I don't make up very many. I usually start singing a normal song and then when I don't remember all the right words, I finish it off with some weird random thing that nobody understands. For instance, I made up words to the Star Wars theme song: "Star Wars, is the best! Moo-oo-oo-vie! I've ever seen!" Etcetera. Anyway, why am I telling you this? This is just for comments! Oh well.

    Thanks for the entertaining post. (And the prize!)

  2. Oh, poor Andrea! Making up songs all by yourself. :) It's okay to tell me random things in the comments... I don't mind. I am your sister, after all.

    You are welcome! I had fun writing it.:)

    Thanks for commenting!