Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have a strange attraction... journals. I like looking at them, buying them, writing in them. I have...let me at present-- and at least two that have been retired. I have a nature journal, a journal about life in general, one about my goals, one about the Bible, a journal about manhood, (if you wish to know what that is about, read the book "Authentic Beauty") a journal for stories and testimonies, and a prayer journal.

We went to the bookstore last night, and I looked at some of the journals there. They had some neat small ones with pretty designs on them and words like "Rejoice" "Hope" and things like that. They also had some that looked like leather and had words (one had the first part of amazing grace on it) imprinted on them. If I had more money, I buy a journal. :) (I had another idea for a journal recently... one of quotes and verses and poems that I liked. Perhaps I could start a blog for that. Hmm...)

So, why journal? What is the point? Well, first of all, it's fun. And good practice for writing. Also, it will help you remember all those stories and feelings and events so you can tell your children and grandchildren about them. Also, should you ever become famous, then people will get your journals when you die and they will be published. :P Seriously, look what happened to Anne Frank's journals.

Jim Rohn says that there are a few things that you should leave behind when you depart from this earth, and one of them is your journals. So, if you don't already, start journaling! (No matter what the spell check says, "journaling" is a word! At least, if it isn't, it ought to be one.)


  1. Good idea! But my journal is my blog. Does that count? Hopefull the internet won't be so outdated when I die that they will be able to publish my blogs, and I'll be famous! On the other hand, they will probably think my blog is soooooo boring that it wouldn't be worth the effort to publish it when I'm dead. *sigh* Oh, the trials of this life!

  2. Yes, that can count. I did think of that. In that case, I have, let me see... elven or so journals. Wow. I really am crazy. :)

    I happen to find your stories highly amusing and well written... perhaps they'd publish them after all. :)