Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mysteries, Blessings and News

Hushed conversations
Whispered suspicions
Quiet excitement
Almost daring to believe
Growing hopes
Querying, wondering
Waiting impatiently
Starting to believe
Asking, confirming
Are you sure?!
It definitely looks that way!
Hardly able to believe it
Such news: 
A new baby! 
Another miracle 
An unexpected and delicious one 
God is good
We are blessed.

(Proof! :D)

It's a funny thing, being the oldest in a largeish family. Often people feel bad for you, as if it's a terrible burden and "oh you poor dear girl, you have all those bothersome younger siblings running around." Hence, when I tell people how many younger siblings I have, I usually quickly add, "and it's tons of fun! I really enjoy it. We like being around each other." And then I smile. And they sort of don't know what to do. Sometimes they say something about that's nice. haha.

But really, though it is a great responsibility to be the oldest, it is also a great privilege. And though younger siblings can be bothersome, they can also bring great joy. And while they are lots of work, they are also great for building character. ;)

And I love them. Every single one. I can't imagine my life without them. 

[Emily just now asked me to check if there were any new Jostie Flicks. Guess what I found? This:


Of course. God has a sense of humor. :)]

Which is why I am absolutely thrilled that I will soon (but yet not soon enough) gain a seventh younger sibling!

 Sure, this new baby will mean losing some sleep; sure, my arms will ache with holding baby; yes, I will have to change some less than pleasant diapers; Of course my ears will be greeted once again with the wails of an unhappy baby-- but think of what else a new baby means! 

Chubby, kissable cheeks; adorable, wiggly little toes; sweet, clingy fingers; Bright, laughing, curious eyes; Sweet, perfect lips; wispy hair; a cute and squeezable chin (My own little thing. I just like chins...); huge, unreserved, frequent smiles; a warm and comfortable and soft body to snuggle with, a new mind full of wonder and excitement over everything... so many, many blessings.

A entirely new life in our home. What a miracle!

Yes, a baby means work. But think what else a baby means!


  1. Again, I love the poem! :)

    And I love that video. It won the contest fair and square. I cried (I almost cried for your last few paragraphs even without it).

    What a horrible emptiness is in people's lives who do not love God's precious little blessings of children.

  2. Woopy-doo!!! There's Baby! And I like the poem too.

    The video was wonderful. "What's wrong with you?" Haha, that made me laugh. :)

    Great post. . . cause it's about babies and stuff. And you already know what I think about that stuff. So I'm going to be quiet now.

  3. Jay: Thanks! I wasn't sure it would count for a poem but I guess it did. :D

    I know, me too. I almost didn't go check Jostie Flicks!! Imagine if I didn't!

    I know!! Wow. I feel so bad for them. :( It's really awful the attitude people have towards babies these days!

    Rebeka: Yaaaaaaaaaay! :D Thank you!

    Yep it was. :) Fit perfectly!

    *grins* Right. haha. Yup I do. :)

  4. I'm so excited for you! Makes me wish we could have another baby. :) I guess I just need to get married soon. ;)


  5. I know!! It's very exciting. :D I just got home from mama's appointment and we heard the heartbeat!! :D So exciting! There's really and truly a baby in that belly. ;) Hehe, I guess so!


  6. OMW!!! I'm so excited for you!!!
    And great poem :)

  7. A baby is always very exciting!! :D

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :)

    Out of curiosity, where did you find my blog?


  8. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)



    I'm just excited, that's all.

    My mommy thinks your mommy is cute. :)

    Get your phone fixed!

  10. I KNOW!!!!!! YIPEEE!!

    That's good, I am too.

    Hehe, that's funny. :)

    Yes'm! I will try! It's broke in half. :( I has to get a new one...