Tuesday, January 8, 2013

By All Means, it's The End!

I've been noticing a queer and pervasive problem lately, both in my life and in other lives around me.

We tend to think that the Means are the Point, rather than the End the means are supposed to be achieving. Weird...

A very common example would be Bible reading and prayer. The point is actually to get to know God better, and yet we check it off our list as if the reading in and of itself does something. Yeah, God is really good at using His word, and you'll probably still get something out of that type of reading.

But... how much better it would be if we changed our thinking to realize that these "Spiritual disciplines" are not our goal--God is our goal.

Use the Means to get to the End--don't end with the Means.

(Now "means" looks weird. What does it even mean? Oh help.)

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