Thursday, February 17, 2011

Preparing for Prince Charming: Part 3

For some reason, the subject that I am going to talk to you about is very rarely mentioned in regards to preparing for marriage. I, however, feel that it is extremely important and needs to be talked about more. Hence, I am going to talk to you about it. But, before I do, I would like to show you the importance of it by describing to you two fictional (but, I'm afraid, all too common) scenes.

Imagine this: You have six children, all under ten. Today is Saturday, and tomorrow is a fellowship meal, and afterwards you are having the Jones over for games and fellowship. Today's list includes laundry, bathing all the children, cleaning up the house, preparing a meal for tomorrow, and all those other mom tasks. It's only ten o'clock, and you had a good night's sleep: but already you are exhausted and your head is pounding. Your throat is hurting a little, too, and you hope you're not getting sick... again.

Or, imagine this: you learn that you are going to have a baby, so you start taking your vitamin tablets and you eat lots of fish because it's high in omegas, and you paint the house because you want it to be all ready for baby... and you have an awful tooth ache so you get that fixed, and you heard the flu is going to be real bad this year so you get your flu shot. When he's born, at the proper times, you get him vaccinated. Fast forward to when your baby is about 12 months old. You notice that he doesn't seem to be responding properly to you and has odd preoccupations with certain things. He makes odd flapping motions and isn't even trying to talk... sometimes when you hold him he cries and pushes you away. You take him to the doctor and they tell you the sad truth: he has autism.

The majority of people tend to think that those things are inescapable: that there's nothing you can do.

However, there is something you can do.

Go to the library (or your bookshelf) and get yourself some books on autism. Find out what it is you can do now to prevent it, and what you can do while you are pregnant.

Also get some books on natural healing and on health. Get a variety of books and compare them. Read, read, read. Talk to people in the health food store. Learn as much as you can about the food you eat.

And then apply your knowledge. Take supplements, drink lots of good water, eat healthy food, exercise.

Your husband will greatly appreciate a happy, healthy wife. It is dreadfully hard to be cheerful and helpful when your body is not working properly!

Once you are a wife it is very likely that you will then become a mother. And with that, there are a bunch more things to learn.

Did you know that Folic Acid is necessary to prevent birth defects? And did you further know that it is most important during the first 12 weeks of development? And did you realize that most people don't even know they are expecting till after that? Hence, by the time you start taking your vitamins, it could already be too late! This is why it is so important that you begin building a healthy body now. Your body will steal from itself to make a healthy baby-- if you don't have enough reserves. And that can weaken your bones and so forth.

Did you know that there are herbs which help with labor in different ways? Do you know what they are?

What are the nutritional needs of a pregnant or nursing mother?

Did you know what type of exercise shortens labor most effectively?

What are the benefits of nursing? Is it important enough to keep trying until you figure it out?

Do you know what to do with a sick baby?

What if your child develops an infection? What do you do?

Are anti-biotics your only choice? What effects do they have on the body?

What do you know about vaccinations? Are they really safe?

These things are all very, very important. Learn and implement them now! And if you have questions about where to learn this sort of thing, feel free to ask. :)

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  1. * claps * Woohoo! Someone finally made mention of this! Obviously I've never heard anyone mention being healthy as a means of preparing for marriage. I personally think it is a core essential. And, thankfully, since I live in a home that is into all the health stuff I don't have a ton to catch up on. Anyways... woopdedoo!

    (Figures it'd be you to bring this up. ;-))

  2. Awesome! You are right... I don't think I remember ever hearing someone say this before, but it is so true.

    And I can testify: a healthy family goes a looong way towards making it a happy family. Less stress, more time for each other, more energy, awesomeness all 'round. Thanks! :)

  3. Dear Carissa,

    You don't know how much this blesses me to hear a young lady talking about the importance of preparing for marriage by becoming as healthy as possible and learning as much as possible.

    Nancy Campbell does talk about the importance of building up a daughter's health before marriage. She compares it to a health bank account that you can draw on when you need it.

    As a young mother you will be so thankful for the time spent in studying and increasing your health account!

    God Bless,
    Mrs. Mama Lauser

  4. Rebeka: Yay! You feel the same way I do! :D Yep, we are blessed to have been brought up knowing about health. I still have a lot of work to do, though...

    (Well, someone had to do it... ;))

    Jay: I know!! I don't understand that.

    Yes indeed... health or lack thereof has a lot of influence over the atmosphere of the home.

    Mrs. Mama Lauser: That's neat that Nancy Campbell talks about this! That is a good way to think about it. :)

    Thank you all for your comments!