Wednesday, November 23, 2011

April Fool's

Warning: For some of you, this post is Completely Random. It's perfectly fine if you'd rather not read it--though if you do chose to, it may amuse you. ;)

And no, I haven't lost my mind... I do know it's Thanksgiving tomorrow and not April Fool's day... See, on April first of this year, a bunch of my friends and people from two of the forums I help moderate (The Rebelution and Holy Worlds) absolutely flooded me with emails. Somewhere around 220, to be exact. And I have finally, finally finished answering them!! And in honor of that accomplishment, I've decided to post a sampling of the kind of emails I got with some of my replies. 

They actually did two waves, the first one including tons of smiley emoticons... here's one of the more interesting of those emails.

there are many kinds of smiles:
:P :D  :T  :V  :Z  :S :O :B :J :)

straight, crooked, curvy, sly, ones with tongues sticking out, ones that show 2 front teeth, and of course, normal matter which type you have...
SMILE TODAY!!!!!!! :)

Then, completely to my surprise, came the second wave. With the questions. And the letters: serious, sweet, silly. And the goofy stories. And the editing requests. And more questions.... Here are a few of my favorites.

Hey, Duchess Daisy, I have a question. What do you believe about total predestination?

Do you really want to know? Okay, I'll tell you. I believe that God is God, and whatever He believes, that's what I believe. From my earthly perspective, I don't think He believes in it. However, I am quite fallible, and hencely I don't argue about it. :D 

Hi, Carissa.  I was wondering what you thought.  Do you think that gender is something that affects the soul?

This is a very interesting question!! I think it was my favorite one to ponder... I really have no idea. One thing I did fine interesting was that in Psalm 34:2 it says "My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad." David refers to his soul with a feminine pronoun. o.0 I don't know if that means anything, but I thought it interesting. It is fun to imagine different kinds of souls, though... kind of like the dryads in Chronicles of Narnia. :D What do you think?

Oops! I was going to ask, what do you believe about dating and courtship, as well! 
I believe... that each time God brings two people together, it is vastly different... and thus, no two courtships will be the same. I also believe that guys and girls should not mess around with each other's hearts (or bodies. :P) just for fun... if they are getting really close and spending tons of time together, it should be with the intention of marriage. And I believe that wisdom should be sought from parents, especially Christian parents, and other wise people in your life. (And tons more things, but that's all I'm putting here. :P)

Do you enjoying homeschooling?  And why?  What curriculum do you use?

I do enjoy homeschooling immensely! :D There are lots of reasons... probably my top ones would be:

1. I have been able to learn about things I'm interested in personally, instead of just whatever the school system decided for me.
2. I've been able to spend much more time with my family and learn practical skills here at home
3. I haven't had all the negative peer pressure
4. I have been able to be brought up with a solid Biblical worldview; which, while not impossible in public school, is definitely easier at home.

Those are the main things that come to mind right away... :)

We don't really use one particular curriculum... it's just a mix of everything. :D We do use Math-u-see, though, for math. And... various other things... it changes pretty often, too. :) We love to read, so that is a big part of our education. :)

Do you homeschool? And if you do, do you like it and why? 

Do you know of a good April fools day joke?

Well... it's kind of late, now, haha. But... I made an April fool's breakfast for my siblings... I put the oatmeal in their mugs and their tea in the bowls, among other fun things. :D My sister Cheryl also did one where you have a spool of thread hidden under your clothes (in a pocket or something) and you thread it up so it's coming out of the neck of your shirt... then when someone tries to take it off your shirt, it just keeps coming and coming. hehe. :)  

"If you were stranded on a desert island, what one item you would most want to have with you?"
I do expect a reply. 

Didn't you already ask me this once??? One item. That's so mean. I want a pen and a notebook.

Ummmmm.... item. I don't suppose I am supposed to be practical, am I. Cause that would be boring and stuff. So... let's see. 

A...a... shovel! So I could make sand castles and holes and stuff!

Ooooor... a Bible. Cause it would keep me busy for like... the whole time. You can keep on reading it over and over and always learn stuff. Plus also it would help keep me sane and stuff. And I like learning about God.

Hmmm.... perhaps... oh! A boat!!! Yeah! Then I could get off the island! hehehe.

Maybe... peanut butter! It's yummy...

Oh, oh! I know! I'd bring... our harp! Then I could play pretty music! And then maybe someone would hear it and like it and take me off the island! Plus if they didn't I would still have fun...

Okay, is that enough? Are you satisfied?? You better be. huff.  

And letters... 

hey girl...
whats up? hope youre having like a really cool day lol...its like so gray and rainy here its like totally depressing...dude you should like come over...oh yeah i forgot that would sorta take like a long time for you to get whats up, huh?...are you real busy? i'm just totally overwhelmed with like tons of stuff i mean its not even funny lol...yeah so just you know text me sometime so we can hang out and stuff OK?  yeah well i need to go and ill see you around sometime....

lol, gurl, u r so funny. like totally, man. i had an awesom day it was like so cool, man. im sorry it was depresing and stuff over there tho.. thats sad. yeah itwould take 2 long i thnk.. mabye someday we can come again k i will text u sometime. oh but i forgot u dont have a cell yet. thats like, lame, man... hurry up and get 1 k i will ttyl

Hey Carissa!

I just wanted to let you know that I was looking at your blog today, and though that it looked really really cool! :D Your post about the Casting Crowns song was awesome! Our God is so absolutely amazing!

How long have you been running your blog? What do you enjoy most about it?

Congratulations on your new sibling coming!! :D That's so exciting! When is your mom due?

May 'the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace'! (Numbers 6) I hope you have a wonderful day! :D

your sister in Christ 


I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner... I'm just finally getting around to answering the last of the prank emails. :)

I'm glad you liked my blog! :D He is indeed... very muchly so. :)

That particular blog... I think it's been about two years now. I like being able to have my writing read by others and getting comments... :D I also like picking backgrounds and so forth.

My little sister Esther was born on June 15th! :D :D :D My mom was due June 20th, to answer your question. Esther is super cute... (pictures here) and we love her dearly. It's hard to comprehend that not too long ago she was not here!

Thank you for that blessing. :)

Love in Christ,

Dearest Carissa,
    How are you today?  I am doing great.  I'm singing in a homeschool music festival which is great fun!!  It started yesterday afternoon and it is all day today and tomorrow morning.  Then tomorrow afternoon we will have a concert for our family and friends to come to.  So yeah, when you read this email I will be either eating lunch or singing my heart out.  Well, hopefully not all the way out. 
Stay safe dear, it's a dangerous world out there.  And do be careful when going through doorways.  I mean a thousand things could happen.  You could get dizzy and fall and smack your head on the door way.  Or if you were too tall you would bang your head on the top of the doorframe.  Or someone could slam the door on your fingers as you walk through...I could go on all day, but I'll spare you the gruesome details.  Just...stay safe!!
Love you lots,

Dearest Sally,

Yes, I know. I'm answering this. Don't ask me why. Ahem.

I am doing splendidly! Church was awesome. :D God is amazing...

Oh goodness!! I never thought of that!!!! What if you accidentally singed your heart ALL THE WAY OUT??? That would be simply dreadful! And then you'd DIE!!!!!!! Ahem. I'm glad you haven't singed your heart out yet... try not to, okay? Thank you.

I'll try. Maybe I shouldn't sing anymore... It sounds really dangerous, the way you put it...

Ack!!!! Ada, don't scare me like that! My heart might beat too fast, and then it might QUIT, and then I'd DIE!!

Love you more,

And the stories...

Dearest Mademe Gwinevere,
My, it has been soooo long since I've writen to you, hasn't it?  I feel like I'm writing to a stranger!  Its been terrible rainy here lately.  Well, I wanted to send you a first person account of something that happened to (guess)............Thats right....ME! :)
It all began the other day when I was (drum roll please)....playing with Hosea. (What's new, eh?)  We were kicking the soccer ball around when down the road comes a buggy.  Now, normally I wouldn't pay any attention to a buggy going down the road.  ( It has something to do with nerotransmitters blocking signals from your brain in order to keep you from being constantly distracted with unnecessary details, or something like that.  See, I DO pay attention in science!:P)  Anyways, back to my story.  What was so odd about this particular buggy was that the horse was......cantering.  Thats right, down Spring Grove Road cantered a beautiful brown horse, pulling behind it a black buggy, much to the surprise and puzzlement of Althea R. Wimer.  "Well," I thinks to myself, "What kind of person would let their horse run down this road like crazy, straight into an intersection no less?  No one!!  That horse must have escaped, and is now cantering freely down the road, with no one in the buggy!!"  So I do what most people do when they don't think very well, I panicked.  Leaving Hosea to stand wondering in the yard, I rush into the road, and start waving my arms in a big T, right in the path on the oncoming horse.  (Please, Please, Please, don't tell anyone else about this, okay?  We always been such good friends, right?  You wouldn't want to ruin my reputation, would you?)  Well, fortuanately the horse stopped, without crushing me in the process.  But unfortuanately, there actually was someone in the buggy.  This tall older Mennonite man steps out and in a thick Dutch accent asks me what in the world I was doing. (He didn't say it quite like that:D)  More unfortuanately, Mama had been watching my thoughtless escapade and came out to see what I had been thinking.  The answer?  I wasn't thinking.  Well, totally embarassed, I returned to the house, recieved a long long lecture from Mama, and was sent to my room to consider my actions. 
Well, thats the story.  Very humiliating.  You won't tell anyone, right?  Our secret, huh? 
Lady Cordillia 

(And yes, that story was made up. And yes, I... fell for it for a bit. Don't ask me how... :P)    

P.S. Yes, many of the emails were in green... my favorite color.

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