Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's January, again.

I distinctly remember the last two Januaries... The first one, I was helping a mom with three children almost daily for the whole month. And last January I took an internet fast... Both of which experiences changed me quite a bit.


What a month... we stand here, on the brink of a whole new year as it stretches before us: unknown, mysterious; many days lie untouched as of yet.

We have ideas, plans, hopes, fears for this thing called a year... We may think we know what it holds--more of the same, perhaps, or we have some adventures planned.

But do we really know? No... not really. There remains mystery; plot twists we have no way of seeing from where we stand, here in the month named January.

It's an interesting, scary, exciting month... especially for me these days, it seems. Again, this year... big things are happening. Things I would never have imagined last January.

And standing here, in the first few days of a brand new January, I have no idea how the rest of this month--this year--will go.

But God knows. And in that solid fact, I can rest.


  1. Hm... that was pretty good. But I don't think there were enough Januaries.

  2. Thanks. haha. Oh.. sorry. I couldn't think of any more logical places to put it... :P :D