Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite Posts from 2011

This being the final Thursday in December, and thus the last week in 2011 (already?!!), it is now time to let me know which of the blog posts over the past year were your favorites! :) I'm going to make another little sidebar link list of them...

Oh, and you can also tell me why you liked them... if you want to... * smiles invitingly *

So... comment away! :) And thank you for reading!


  1. Can I just list them all...? :( I have such a hard time picking favorites... * complains *

    * sigh * Here you go... :) I'm sure you know why I like 'em... * smiles *

  2. Haha, that would've been a really long linky list... :D

    Thank you! Yup, mostly... :)

  3. Hi Carissa!

    I started at Bible college and my blog-reading diminished severely for lack of time... but very sneakily I read a little more than I comment, so no one knows when I AM around. ; )

    I'm voting for three:
    Lessons from Hwin
    Cute Christianity
    Concerning Hearts (Not Hobbits)

    In Christ,

  4. P.S. Blessings on your 2012. Isn't it wonderful to realize we have the opportunity to know God better by the end of it?

  5. Thank you Edith! I added yours in... we'll see if anyone else comments with more. :)

    P.S. Thank you! Blessings on yours as well. Yes!! Very exciting. :)