Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why Do You Read This Blog?

I'm curious. I'm always curious, but this time I'm curious about something in particular. Something you can help with. And, as you may have deduced from the title, I am wondering why you read this blog.

Is it because you're my friend? Is it because you collect blogs? Is it because you like the content? Is it because you learn things? Or because you're entertained? Is it because you believe similarly? Is it because you believe the complete opposite and like studying the other side? Is it because you like poking fun at my posts? :D Is it some other reason I haven't thought of yet?

There, I think that was a pretty thorough interrogation...

Oh wait, I have more questions. Why don't you comment, if you don't? Do you like the weekly scheduled posts? Or did you like it better random?

I've been putting more effort into it over the past few months and had a result I don't particularly like... less comments. :'( Which, I guess, is okay... since I can still hope you read them and get something from them, and I benefit from writing them.

However... it is more fun if I get comments. So I guess I'm... asking you to comment more. Especially on this post, since if you don't comment it'll be quite useless... ;)

Yes, I'm one of those pathetic bloggers who beg for comments. :D I know it's hard to comment on blogs sometimes because you don't know what to say or don't have time or whatever, but I'm not terribly picky about what you say, so when you get a chance in your busy blog reading lives it would be lovely. :D

P.S. Oh! Suggestions of any kind (except like... about college or cutting hair or things like that... :D I guess I should specify blog related suggestions) are also very welcome!


  1. I like what you write. I almost always agree with you, (not always, though =) Some stuff you post is REALLY good.

  2. *grins* A comment! Thank you, Abby. :) And that's fine, you don't have to always agree with me... I don't always agree with myself upon re-reading. :D

  3. Hey Carissa!

    You asked why I read/follow your blog?
    Because you post about stuff I'm interested in (I care a lot about modesty, come from a big family, am apart of the Rebelution, a Christian of course) And you are an AMAZING writer! Seriously, I'm jealous :)

    As for whether or not you should post more, whatever floats your boat..You always have really insightful, thought-provoking and meaningful posts, and if it takes you longer to write those, don't you think its better to post less often, and have better posts, then vise virsa?

    Oh, and why don't I comment often? Weell, since I don't personally know your or anything...I dunno. That sounded a lot better in my head, by the way...

    Well, I hoped I helped you maybe just a little. Or, at least made you happy by commenting. :)

    Til He Returns,

    Lauren Grace

  4. Hey Lauren!

    *smiles* Thank you! It's nice to meet another Rebelutionary!!

    *nods* Yes... I think once a week is all I can manage right now... haha.

    Yeah, I know what you mean. But! You never can tell what may happen when you comment on a stranger's blog. I've made two of my best friends in that way. :D (one of them I commented on their blog, the other commented on mine. :)) And I know what you mean about things sounding better in your head, hehe.

    You did make me happy by commenting! :D

    In Christ,

    P.S. Your blog is lovely! :)

  5. Comment coming right on up! I normally don't comment because I don't get around to it, that's all. I'm trying to comment more often, because I know that blogging without comments is pretty boring.

    I read your blog because, as you said, I like the content and also because I learn things.
    Keep up the good work!
    Maria Elisabeth
    P.S. It really doesn't matter when you post, as long as you keep on posting. :)

  6. Ah okay, I understand. :) Haha, yes, it is. :D

    Thank you, I'm glad to hear it! :)

    And thank you for commenting... :D

    God bless,

    P.S. Haha, okay. :) I'll do my best to keep going!

  7. When I joined Holy Worlds, I went through the "Your Blog" thread and investigated all the blogs listed there. After a cursory reading, this one seemed to be somewhat "meaty", generally on-target, pleasant to read, but not too-frequent, so I subscribed. (That last is important because I'm trying to cut down on my media consumption, and am months behind on filing---i.e. bookmarking---posts from some more ... copious ... blogs.)

    Based on my own experience as a blogger (on Wordpress; if anyone's interested, it's "My Web Page" on my Blogger profile), a couple of months isn't necessarily a good sample for determining trends. And it can take a much longer period of steady production before traffic and comments start to pick up. For example, I started blogging about three years ago, and started blogging regularly and seriously about two years ago. But only this year have I started to see regular visitors and commenters, and my number of hits this year is nearly twice the number of hits from the previous two years combined. (Which still isn't much, mind.)

    Also, if you want to encourage new visitors to come read and comment on your blog, the standard advice is to comment (thoughtfully, interestingly ...) on other blogs, so that readers there will want to read more of what you have to say.

    (One last thing, that's not quite idiosyncratic with me: I try to be security-conscious in my browsing, and so use extensions to limit Javascript execution to trusted hosts and limit embedded content from other hosts, and to leave the "the information you've submitted will be sent unencrypted" notification enabled. Blogspot blogs, especially those that use OpenSocial heavily, tend to need a lot of whitelisting of Javascript and of content loaded from other hosts, and apparently to submit several forms just to load the page. Yours isn't too bad on that last front, with only one, compared to the three or four I've seen on other blogs, but I'd be slightly more likely to visit and comment if that annoyance weren't a factor.)

  8. Hi, C'rissa!
    I read your blog because you are my friend. Also, because you write about things I wish I had the originality and skill to write about.
    I don't comment very often because, usually you cover all the points in your post and I have nothing to add to it. If I commented on every post, I would probably just say "Amen!" every time, and that's kinda boring and I didn't know if it would make much difference anyway. Do you want me to comment and simply say "Amen"? Cause I can. 'Sup to you. :D Maybe if you want more interesting, thought-provoking comments, you could think of a few questions at the end of your posts for your readers to answer.

  9. "Is it because you're my friend? Is it because you collect blogs? Is it because you like the content? Is it because you learn things? Or because you're entertained? Is it because you believe similarly? Is it because you like poking fun at my posts? :D"

    Yes. :)

    * grins * Seriously, how could I not read your blog?

    Even if it wasn't you writing it, I'd still read it anyway, because I love your perspective and excitement about things. It's refreshing and helps keep me going. :)

    I've just been commenting less in general lately... I should change that, though.

  10. I read it because of your gorgeous leaf background...

    Actually I agree with most of what you write, enjoy your optimistic style, and am often nourished by your posts.

    Keep it up! I like the frequency of your posts right now.

  11. Wow! Comments! Lots of comments! :D

    Jonathan: Thank you for your detailed comment! :) It's neat to know that someone from HW reads my blog! And yes... I should be commenting on more blogs. :P

    Andrea: Yay! You commented! You still love me! :D That is a sweet reason for reading... and also sort of a sweet reason for not commenting. Hmm... I don't think I'd mind all that much, actually, if you commented with "Amen!" on occasion... :D I tried questions before but no one commented!! So then I got scared and didn't do it again...

    Jay: Haha. :) I knew you'd say something like that... :D I'm glad you like my actual blog too, haha. Yeah, I figured that was it. And yes you should. :)

    Allison: Haha! :D Thank you, I'm glad. :) I will do my best... 'tis getting harder now. :P

  12. Hi Carissa,

    Well, why do I read your blog?...I love your perspective of things and how you express them. It is also really encouraging to read a young lady's writings of things that are so important and challenging. Keep going! God has blessed you with a gift of seeing things and being able to write about them.

    I do like it better when the posts are once a week or is easier to keep up. :)

    I am sorry about not is my fault. And I know what a blessing it is when somebody does comment.

    Mama Lauser

  13. Hi Mama Lauser,

    *smiles* Thank you... I'm glad you like it. :)

    Okay. :)

    It's alright, I know you are busy. I do like your comments though. :D


  14. I read it cause I'm sneaky and like spying on my sisters without leaving a trace of my presence. :P

    Also...I'm not very good at thinking of responses...I chew cud better'n give milk. :) <3

  15. Hehe, I see. :)

    * smiles * I understand... I do like any sort of comment though. :D

  16. Carissa,

    Yes, I do in fact still read your blog. :) I read mainly because we haven't connected in a LONG time & I love hearing what God's been teaching you recently or other such random things that you happen to post about. :) I miss you.. and I think we should change that soon.

    I don't comment because my life is quite busy right now & typically I will read your post for a couple minutes & then have to move on to something else.. I shall make a better effort to leave at least something so you know I've been around. :)

    Love you dear big sister! Let's talk soon!


  17. Allison!

    I'm glad you do still read it and that you enjoy it. :) I miss you too. Yes, we should. :)

    * nods * Yes, I know you're very busy too. :) But yes, it would be lovely if you could comment on occasion. :D

    Oh... you know the link you gave me to your blog? It expired somehow. :P So I can't see it anymore...

    Love you too, little sister! Yes let's. :)