Monday, December 21, 2009

Woman's Role, as Told to Caddie Woodlawn

"It is the sisters and wives and mothers, you know, Caddie, who keep the world sweet and beautiful. What a rough world it would be if there were only men and boys in it, doing things in their rough way! A woman's task is to teach them gentleness and courtesy and love and kindness. It's a big task, too, Caddie---harder than cutting trees or building mills or damming rivers. It takes nerve and courage and patience, but good women have those things... A woman's work is something fine and noble to grow up to, and it is just as important as a man's."--Caddie Woodlawn


  1. I love how these types of descriptions are hidden in classic children's books!

  2. Me too! It's so neat to be reading a book "for pleasure" and then find something like this. There are other parts in books that are similar... maybe I'll look those up and post them sometime.:)

    Thanks for commenting!