Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Last night, we went hunting. (Didn't expect that, did ya? :)

Gift hunting, that is. It was quite a hunt, full of conspiracy and secrecy and dodging and hiding and so forth. It is very interesting to shop in a large store (aka super Walmart) with your siblings while trying to buy presents for them. Have you ever noticed that when you want to find your family in Walmart, you never can, and when you don't want to see them, they are everywhere?? It is a very strange phenomenon.

At any rate, there Josiah and I were, shopping. Guess what we were looking at. I bet you can't guess. Hmm... I guess I'll just tell you. Wait. One more piece of information. We were shopping for Cheryl and Hannah. Now you probably have more ideas, and they are probably all wrong. hehe. Okay, that's enough. We were shopping for.... pocket knives. Yup, pocket knives. Was that your guess? Was it? Huh? Anyway, we were looking at knives.

The knife guy (as Josiah and I have dubbed him) was very friendly and happy, the type that doesn't really belong in Walmart, because they are too smiley. (I bet you didn't know that they have a rule that only the smiley stickers are allowed to smile.) (Okay, so that's not true. But it seems like it at times.) So anyway. He looked at us, and said, "neither of you are old enough to buy a knife." And we looked at him. And paused for a bit. And then I said it. "I'm nineteen." And, of course, he was rather shocked. People always are, whether they show it or not. At least he showed it in an interesting way. "You should buy a T-shirt that says, 'I'm nineteen.'" :)

As nineteen is apparently old enough to buy a knife, we told him which knives we wanted to see. (Or rather, which ones I wanted to see, since I was now buying the knives. With Josiah's money. So yeah.) We liked both of the ones we originally liked, which was nice, as it saves time. I also saw Hannah and Cheryl (of course! What did I tell you?) and waved at them. I hope they didn't notice that we were at the knife counter. :)

So, after I bought the knives, (Please remember, if anyone asks you, that I, Carissa, bought the knives. We don't want to get "the knife guy" fired. No matter what he thinks.) we turned to go. And he said, "Happy Holidays!" to which, I, being ever so not politically correct, said, "Merry Christmas!" To which he replied, "same to you, but I'm not supposed to say that." (I begin to wonder about this now, after having heard 4 other Walmart employees say the "forbidden" Merry Christmas. This is my theory: He works near the knives, guns, etc... right? So, they really don't want to offend people in this area. Apparently, Walmart does care a bit for their employees, despite what you may have heard. Or maybe they just don't want to get sued. That's probably it.) So, I said, (being in a merry mood, and also being Carissa) "Just say it!" And he said, "Merry Christma." (He put his hand over his mouth at the last part.) And then said, "you guys really do want to get me terminated!" With a large smile. Perhaps the knife guy wants to get fired. (we already wanted to get him fired, because of the whole Josiah/me buying the knives.)

So, there you have it, a small portion of our hunting trip. It was pretty exciting. I do like shopping with Josiah! He is a good cart pusher, by the way.

Oh, we also saw the knife guy again. Guess what he said about me (with Cheryl right next to me, of course) to another Walmart employee? "Watch out for her, she's got a knife!" (Actually, it was already in the van... and I had two. :)

And, I thought of a new "game" you all can try when you go shopping next. See how many people you can get to say, "thank you" to you in one shopping trip. I only got one last night, but if I was trying harder, I probably could've gotten more. And then post here and tell me how many you got.

Well, in the words of the knife guy, Merry Christma!!! I hope you all have a splendid one!


  1. AHAHAHA!!! Maybe I should go into Walmart more often and see if I can get the employees to smile and say things they're not supposed to. =D Actually, we do have sort of a Christmas tradition with Walmart. On Christmas day, we've been known to go to Walmart and PARK IN THE FRONT ROW! It's the only time of the year we are able to do so.

  2. Knives are fun. We have a tradition where the boys get their first knife on their 10th bday. I enjoy making friends with people at shops and things too. :)

  3. Andrea: I am glad it amused you! :) I had a grand time writing it and my siblings [that live with me] all laughed at least once in reading it. :) Haha, that is a funny tradition!

    Jay: Yes, they are. Sadly, I am the only one of us older five that doesn't own a knife. :( Maybe someday I will...

    That is a good thing to enjoy. I don't always make friends with them. But it is fun when you do. You should see when Mama goes shopping. EVERYONE (or so it seems) knows her. :)

    Both of you: I just wanted to say that you are great siblings and I am thankful for your comments. :)