Monday, September 14, 2009

Flashes of Brilliance

When I was younger, I had several flashes of brilliance, as a friend of mine says.

I realized that I had some bad habits, and that I needed to change those into good habits.

One of those things was finishing things. My grandma has a habit of learning a craft, buying tons of craft stuff, and doing a bunch of projects half-way. And I did not like what I saw of that.

And then I realized that I was beginning to form that same habit! So I slowed down, stuck with the crafts I had, and became a finisher of projects. I am so glad I realized that when I did! It has been a tremendous blessing now, and I am sure it will serve me well in the future.

Another thing I realized was that I had untidy habits. So, I began making my bed every single morning, picking up my clothes, and keeping my desk orderly. I still have these habits today! (Though I need to clean off my desk today... I have so much going on that it gets piled up quickly. :)

I also realized that I needed to be more consistent with my Bible reading-- so I made a commitment to read through the Bible in a year. And I did.

And I am still recognizing and replacing bad habits to this day. (as if I am now super old :D)

Habits are so important! They are what make or break a person. Also, the habits we form as young people will be the habits we carry into our adult lives. So we need to be very careful what habits we form.

Wow, I am on a roll today! :) Three posts in one day. I have had a lot of ideas for this blog lately, so I am going to be posting more this week. Most likely. I think. :)

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