Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Things God has Done for Me

Lately, He was showing me several areas that I need to work on, and helping me to change them.

He is teaching me to rely on Him and trust Him for my future.

He is the One Who keeps me kind and helpful and who gives me hope and joy.

When I am afraid or confused, I look to Him and He gives me peace.

He has brought me onto the straight and narrow path and has given me grace to stay on it.

He has brought many good friends and good books into my life.

He has blessed me with an amazing family and church family.

He led me to begin the bright lights group, as well as to join the rebelution forums.

He has helped me to appreciate nature and His power and how big He is.

He has given me life through my parents and new life in Him.

He has blessed me with a healthy body and mind.

He has shown great mercy and patience to me in spite of my many and repeated sins.

And so many, many other things.

He is my comforter, my strength, my all.

This was written in response to a question by another younger accountability parter (of sorts). What a great question! So, what has God done for you?

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