Monday, September 14, 2009

My List of 10 Things I am Really Grateful For

1. My wonderful, funny, crazy family and their friendship

2. My small, fun, peaceful home

3. All the opportunities I have to learn: homeschool coops, online, church, books, Papa, others, etc...

4. All of the people in my life who help me in so many ways

5. The opportunities I have to minister through Bright Lights, blogging, friends, and so on.

6. My fearfully and wonderfully made body, especially my eyes.

7. Books that teach me, stretch me, inspire me, make me laugh and make me cry

8. That I get to live trusting God for my future-- I don't need to worry because God is in control.

9. The computer and Internet-- I have made many good friends, learned many things, done many projects, all through these two things.

10. Having the Bible readily available and being able to come to the Almighty God --Who has adopted me as His daughter!-- in prayer whenever and wherever I want to.

So, what are you thankful for today?

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